Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Please tell me you're not suprised.


Anna Nicole Smith's autopsy... Note the column at the right hand side of the page listing all of the drugs that were in her system.

Okay, so this is about a day old and I'm not sure who knows this yet, but it's new to me. D:

I've gotta say though, I think it's sad that her death was such a hot topic. I for one was sick of hearing about her. Newscasts went on for weeks, but I can't imagine why. She was still dead even after the 10th interview with Howard Stern, so, please, news people, why couldn't we have talked about something a little more important?

Do other countries act like this? What would England do? Russia? Japan? I doubt it's anything like here in America. *grumble grumble*


magdaline said...

i agree with you! no wonder so many teens dont know what is going on in the world. its because the news is focusing on something that really isnt any of our business!

Roger Chillingworth said...

Precisely. They didn't give that much media attention to Pope John Paul II or even Ronald Reagan! Who bloody cares that some ex-playmate ODed? Yet that's the only important thing according to the media.

Darcy said...

Why is it so impossible to keep celebrity gossip on E! and the tabloids? Instead, we have full coverage of Anna Nicole's death (It seemed pretty obvious to me that girl who couldnt do basic math might have an OD coming)instead of the news that really matters.