Tuesday, April 17, 2007

so in the end biology works out

so biology, is not my favorite...and we've had this project right and its currently 11:43 PM and im not done with my paper though im on the last page and i have like one more slide of my powerpoint, i have fresh pronce of belaire in the the backround...so i was planning on staying up until oh who knows but after i finish this blog i will turn of my tv and finish reading the hisotyr pages...and there no notes to take tonight im kinda sad about that...but oh well but yah so anyways miss kellys sick i guess which is lame and wont be back until monday hence project is now due on monday, which means that i will probably not finish my project until sunday night, though i might not procrastinate...my week just kinda started looking better...i guess oh well. im done

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