Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Texting Champ...

NEW YORK -- Thirteen-year-old Morgan Pozgar has the fastest thumbs in the West.

And the East, too.

She won the LG National Texting championship over the weekend.

The Pennsylvania teen took the crown by typing the word "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" from "Mary Poppins" in just 15 seconds.

Morgan defeated nearly 200 competitors to become East Coast champion and then beat the West Coast champ -- 21-year-old Eli Tirosh of Los Angeles -- in the New York competition.

Morgan won $25,000 and said she's going on a shopping spree.

She gets plenty of texting practice. Morgan figures she sends more than 8,000 text messages a month on her cell phone.


Laura Jay said...

OMG... they actually give money for being the quickest at texting. What has our world come to? That's just... crazy. XD lol

Kristen said...

You can probably get money for anything nowadays. You just need to find a rich person with nothing better to do!

I think it works like this:
1) Someone has a lot of money. So much money that they could burn it.
2) Said person thinks of a ridiculous activity to give away money for...


3) Then they decide to give it away!



Kristen said...

Like, maybe I could go on a binge-eat on Youtube until people send me money. First I would complain about my lack of money and give some very convinces reasons as to why they should send me some. They would probably also feel bad for me because they probably don't want me to overdose on food/grow obese, so they'd sent me lots of money, and I'd be rich and famous! (I would totally make it on the news...) It's a win-win situation!

Bunny said...

... wow that's just ridiculous (the texting thing not you kristen.. well what you said too but that's besides the point)
= )

Roger Chillingworth said...

haha i thought it said fattest thumbs in the world. what an honor to have the fattest thumbs. wow thats idiotic.