Tuesday, May 1, 2007

8 Films to Die For and The Fulton Bridge is Falling Down

Alright...firstly...8 Films to Die For?

More like 8 Films to Die Because of. Granted, I've only seen two, and I plan on seeing all of them, but man the two that I've seen are really, really, bad. They say that these are the movies that are too graphic and disturbing to release to the general public. (insert sarcasm) HAHAHAHA.

Okay, so, we watched "The Hamiltons" first. Major let down. Okay, if you plan on seeing these, I'm not sure if you should read this or not. It's just a warning. If you want to be aware of the horrors you will suffer, read on, or if you want to be majorly let down and surprised by the suckiness, skip this. But dude. There was no blood at all. The coolest thing was the little brother Lenny.

Then we watched another one today, "Unrest": equally a let down. Sure, it had a little more blood and violence, but still. Not this super scary image that the media was telling us about. I hate it when they get my hopes up. But anyway, it was still bad. It was a waste of my dad's $4.30. And that is my rant about the stupid 8 Films to Die Because Of.


It was absolutely awesome. It's only two minutes away from my house, so I was like, sweet, when I heard it was going down. But as we were watching "Unrest", my uncle, my dad, and myself heard this huge rumble but didn't feel anything. So we rewound the movie, trying to figure out what the heck it was, and my uncle finally figured out that it was the bridge. I thought it was the chimney or something, but it was Fulton Bridge, which I used to go on everyday when I was little. And now it's gone. Oh darn.

Okay, have a nice night everyone.

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Kristen said...

You mean... an actual bridge, in real life, that people drive/walk over? It's broken? It fell? Did anyone get hurt!? o_o