Tuesday, May 8, 2007


My brother took my sheets?!



:( :( :(

(I hope I am accurately expressing myself through those little emoticons...)

Oh well.
He can burn up in the extreme heat of flannel and 60 degree evenings. >:[

I didn't want them anyway, I swear!

Okay, this is sort of a really stupid post, but you know...
I would rather waste time than go to sleep right now!
What better way to waste time than to complain about something completely not very unimportant?

Like, hmm, gee, I wish time would go slower or something. I feel sad when I wake up every single day to the fact that the calendar has advanced one more day. I feel like my life should be more full of things, or something. Arg. Again.


oh that kennedy kid said...

kristen i know exactly how you feel.

Roger Chillingworth said...

You have lime green sheets!??!! Well..you did. But that's awesome! Yeah...I know what you mean...we wake up day in and day out and it feels like nothing tremendous has happened those days.

EmTen said...

dito...(well not about the lime green sheets (which are neat-o) but about how you wish time would move slower and how life is a bunch of little nothing-nesses)