Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Geometrically Yours

As I was youtubing, I came across some videos of girls singing about geometry. I'm so glad I'm not dorky enough to rewrite my favorite songs to be full of geometry! How embarassing would that be? ;D Anyways, enjoy!

Whoa...I think I own those very same hats. Craziness.

Check out these crazy, headbanging air-guitar and air drums players!! Aye carumba!


Kristen said...

I ♥ Thumbtack Theory!


oh that kennedy kid said...

so let's just talk about for a second how much i can appreciate sarah ned's air guitaring skills...yeah.

and the brooke ham cowgirl yeehaw stuff.

and kerry well. lol typical.

loved it

Laura Jay said...

LOL. That was so much fun. ^_^ Great party. Kerry, I think we should go through with our blackmailing plan. XD