Thursday, July 12, 2007

Live Earth

I believe that "Live Earth" was a waste of carbon and money.
(Elaboration in personal blog, but if you wish to debate this here, then let's debate.)


The Teacher Formerly Known as... said...

I agree... it's more of this unrealistic expectations thing we talked about in class... For the last time... here it goes...

1--We are not going to end poverty, we can only alliveate it.

2--We are not going to reverse the damage we've done to the earth... we can only try and save what's left of it.

3--We cannot save Darfur... we can try and help, but help doesn't mean you are going to fix their problems by wearing a t-shirt or a hoddie with the "Save Darfur" logo on it.

Sorry... that's my vibe and I am sticking with it.

Darcy said...

Not the global warming is not a great cause and all, but the carbon from the concert is only making it worse.

Also, did anyone else notice that Ludacris was rapping about how many cars he owns (SUVs, Hummers, etc.)? Why was he even in the concert if he doesn't seem to realize what it was about (Like most of the celebrities there)?

Kristen said...

It was all a publicity stunt if you ask me.

And then the celebrities took off in their private jets and lived happily ever after in their 256,547-pounds-of-carbon-emission lives.