Monday, April 16, 2007

i meanX6

I feel so small. i don't feel like my prayer is getting anywhere. Like when your little and you know there's something wrong, and you keep asking but the grown-ups won't tell you what's going on. Is there something bigger than this- I mean, is there a point? Is there some big secret that no one's letting me in on, i mean, everything those kids worked so hard for, their whole lives, was stolen away in less than a few hours, and they had no clue it was coming and there was no way they could've stopped it. So what was the point, i mean, you are building up your life, working hard for grades that will get you into a good college for a good future- it seems like their work just never paid off- so what's the point. I mean, you work so hard for something and then what- it's just... gone. It's just so fragile- like this hunk of meat is the only thing holding me here- it's just too fragile. So was all the work worth it for those students who died- i mean, i doesn't seem like they really got to enjoy life. I mean, is there a bigger plan around this or was it all for nothing?

sorry to be such a downer.

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Chloe` said...

Maybe if we all pray, if we send up one huge prayer, maybe then what we cry for and ask for and pray for, will happen. Maybe then life can actually be happy.

I'm praying.