Monday, April 16, 2007

See I've come to this conclusion

you know, in regards to the Virginia Tech Massacre it makes me want to sit down and cry, and i never just sit and cry...actually a lot of things lately are starting to make the world a horrible place. I mean is it just me or does all of this terrible stuff seem to be happening now, or is it because i'm old enough now to understand whats going on...i mean i used to think that maybe anarchy is the answer, but when people go out and just murder and do stupid stuff for the hell of it that is a reflection of anarchy and thats not what i want. another thing its this thing called cancer...more and more people i know whether it through friends our acquantences its spreading like an epidemic seriously, i mean whats next for us? i mean at some point we have to think that this is the worst it could get but i'm sure that somewhere in the past thats what people said and its getting worse...what the hell? america. america. i mean come on with all this disease business it makes us seem like where some 3rd world country or something anything i cant even describe what we are because we're not rich if we're in debt and we're not very safe at all, in anything...because anything can happen...this isnt making any sense but whatever...
and you wanna know a secret. i'm starting to get scared. because this is not what i want to live in i dont take comfort in knowing that we have people protecting us from terrorism in other countries when we're facing terrorism first hand in our own country. yah we're real cool. proud to be an american...what does that mean? i mean what do we stand for? really someone anyone please tell me what we stand r you're a veteran please tell me what are we standing for because honestly i can't see any of the ideals that were meant for this country in play in the times we live in now...what is everything coming to? freakin' aye. now i'm just rambling because i just can't seem to be able to explain what i'm feeling right now. this whole virginia tech thing has got me in a bad mood, or well at least an uneasy feeling going on in my mind. i just dont know.

what's for lunch tomorrow?


The Teacher Formerly Known as... said...

It's hard to say, really, how all these things are going absolutely insane now... I suppose it all has to do with how differently we are living now. For example, NO ONE stopped and thought about how computers would affect society and planned on ways to take it step by step... politics have changed, child rearing has changed, we are living at the speed of light, it seems... but I am not blaming everything on technology, etc. The war we are fighting now is a war of ideologies, not a war over territories or specific policies... We'll talk more about it in class tomorrow.

oh that kennedy kid said...

okay if you say so mr. rondon. because you keep saying war ideologies and i guess i want you to elaborate more on what that means...i have an idea on what it is i guess but who knows.

EmTen said...

mary-kate you totally said what i feel about the world being like this all the time or is it something new now that i know whats going on. things are a lot easier when your little.

Chloe` said...

Yeah. Innocence is bliss.

Life sucks. Really bad. And I'm balling my eyes out for the fifth time today as I type this out.

Pray girls. Pray for peace and a stop to everything that makes life bad.

the ragin' Cajan said...

uhmmm i feel pretty damn good about my life... I guess you have to go through hell to actually see what the world is like. It's not that bad, it is bad but it could be a hell of a lot worse. I'm happy to say the least. Everything just seems bad because a tragidy happened. I dunnno you go through hell and tell me what you think of this world, we'll compare thoughts.

Love Caja

PS Marykate I Love you! only you would end that depressing story with whats for lunch. Much love for you.