Saturday, May 5, 2007


One day in class Chloe was talking about mortal sins, and she said excessive tattoos or piercings was a mortal sin. I understand that but i don't agree in the slightest. I mean come on a MORTAL sin, you know the big one, the type of sin that cuts off connections with GOD, I highly doubt it's a mortal sin. So I brought it up at home to my dad and his wife. They agreed and said yes it is a mortal sin. I then proceeded to ask why it was MORTAL and then my dad replied: "When you tattoo yourself excessively you don't respect your body, which is God's temple." I looked at him and said well what if you completely respect your body but you have a body suit of tattoos as like memorials or something. He then said it wasn't excessive in that case. I looked at him and said, "Dad there whole body is covered in tattoos, that is excessive." He replied not if they respect their body. Well I'm confused about this because according to my dad excessive means lack of respect or something like that but Miriam Webster says different. My good friend Miriam states...

Main Entry:
14th century

: exceeding what is usual, proper, necessary, or normal

I don't understand life...


Maire said...

i totally agree that it is NOT mortal... first of all.. everyone is taught differently and God gave us free will to do with what we please. God did not say you can do whatever you want but if you tattoo your body you are going to hell... i have a problem with the concept of sin though because God is supposed to be all forgiving and if you truly think its right than you should have the choice to do so.

Kristen said...

"I don't understand life..."
You and me both, sister.