Friday, May 4, 2007

Paws For Pride~

Awesome job sophomores!

You know what this means, right?



kbej said...

sophomores kick butt. end of discussion. sorry i wasn't able to be there with you guys today...but i was there in spirit! of all days to wake up with a fever of 102...but i heard you girls were amazing! <33

Roger Chillingworth said...

09! 09! 09! 09!

Christina (is awesome) said...

We were definitely awesome :) And I really think we're gonna kick butt Junior year because now everyone's even more motivated! They'll probably rig it for the Seniors though :/

...... But we'll be the real winners! :D

the ragin' Cajan said...

how about I went home at 9:15 and i was laying in teh nurses office for about 20 minutes before I left... Heard it was sweet, Go Sophs!

oh that kennedy kid said...

oh miss rajin' cajan- i knew u had gone somewhere. but where u had gone i had not known.